Armand Route,

is a young and persistent logistics company. With a fleet of 20 trucks since the establishment of the company and continuously growing to date at 65 trucks. The company was founded in 2021, during this time the car fleet has increased approx. 3 times, thanks to this fact our ability to satisfy the transport requirements of our customers has also increased.

Being a young and ambitious company, it always has in mind the values that allow it to grow continuously

Our Values:


Customer satisfaction

Quality services


   If you need to transport certain goods, we are open for any cooperation and for certain periods of time, either one-time transport or round trips. You can contact us on the phone number, by email or book a truck directly on the website. Each order is processed with maximum caution, discussed and agreed with the partners.


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Get In Touch

if you are interested in a long-term collaboration or a one-time race, you can also leave us a message, using the form below, and you will be contacted by our operators as soon as possible